Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Customized book store scripts simplify the book rental business

Digital technology is the way to go and all businesses and institutions are adopting digital methods of operation to make tasks much simpler, for themselves and their clients or patrons. For those who are in the book rental business, it makes a lot of sense to digitize the contents for their members. With the advent of e-books and e-book readers, more and more people are adopting that technology and prefer to carry the electronic reader instead of a regular book. Libraries benefit from it because they can increase their database of books by building up an e-book collection for lending out to the members.

Does this mean that traditional books are under threat of becoming obsolete? The answer is “no” – at least not any time in the near future. However, e-books are definitely much in demand because of the cost factor and ease of use. Libraries, particularly county libraries often face a shortage of funds which hit the ability to expand and update their collections. Electronic book rental can ease the burden by a significant amount. E-books cost much less that paper books and are easier to store and lend out. Libraries and book stores can increase their collections by a significant amount by adopting the digital format.

There is a special kind of enjoyment in physically going to a library and reading or checking out books. But in today’s fast moving world, there are various time constraints and the facility to do the same from the comfort of your home or workplace is of great value. Installing a rental system with a book store script customized to suit the specific needs of a library or book store goes a long way in streamlining the lending out of books. The fees collections and maintaining a track of the books are also simplified.

The standard software sales book available for book rentals include a host of features that cover all the aspects of the library system. Nowadays authors and publishers have shifted focus and work trends based on the influx of e-books and affordable digital book readers. Access to information has never been easier than with the advent of e-books and the electronic book rental systems.

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Friday, 9 March 2012

Commodity Rentals’ Book Rental Program – The Online Service

The Commodity Rentals’ Book Rental Program is the first online market that enables the sellers to sell their books independently. The college students as well as the high school students are turning more and more towards saving a lot on their textbooks. This is one reason why they are turning towards online marketplaces like Commodity Rentals Book Rental Program.

The book rental business on the online shops has been growing quite steadily off late. The current rentals for textbooks have increased considerably since2010. In 2010 the total rentals were meager 4% but in recent times the figure has increased to 15% over the internet.

In order to cope up with this ongoing and ever rising demand for rental books, CommodityRentals Rental Program has opened up unique opportunity where sellers of books can use this online market place to sell their books and earn revenue independently. People come to the Commodity Rentals Rental Program to lend all types books and mostly the textbooks that the college students take up for rentals. A lot of software sales book are available on this online book rental program. This book rental program is a great way to earn money online.

The CEO of Commodity Rentals Rental Program Brian Elliot says that more and more sellers are joining this rental program every day to lend their books to various college and high school students and earn revenues. The Commodity Rentals is providing book rental software program that is easy to use and fast to get. The CEO also added that with this burgeoning demand for rental textbooks online, the company has arranged for launching Alibris in order to drive in more and more sales for the sellers. This will empower the sellers on their website and help grown their business too. At Alibris the sellers can sell their books during the back-to-school season and at other seasons too. The company will also extend their reach and capabilities so as to facilitate the sellers, buyers and the company as well. So it is a perfect win-win situation for everyone.

One of the best features of this book rental program is that there are no additional charges for gold sellers and the new sellers as well. Each and every seller needs to register themselves at Commodity Rental and after the register the seller will get an approval. Within one minute of approval the seller can put their books up for rent on the Commodity Rentals site. This book store script is surely to go a long way and help both the borrowers and sellers to gain more every day.